Avoid Falling In Hands Of Moving Scam

Moving to a new location is a difficult task and it is very important that the moving company handling the move is professional and genuine. If you are moving your home, you will be putting your precious belongings in the hands of moving company. Commercial moves involve confidential files, essential computer equipment, and other items that you need to keep your business running. Unfortunately there are lot of moving companies which are not genuine. They pose themselves as reputable moving companies but their sole intention is to make money. They neither have trained moving staff not the equipment to move your residence or office. They pickup your belongings and keep them hostage asking for money Here are few tips which will help to avoid moving scams.

Research: Do some research on the moving companies in your city. Read reviews about them. Ask your friends and relatives about any moving companies whom they might have used in the past have have good experience.

Verification: If possible, visit the moving companies office physically. This way you will know that it is a genuine moving company and not a internet only based scam company.

Documentation: Check license of the moving company. In case of long distance moves check if the moving company have proper license to operate both at the source city as well at the destination city. Get a written contract in place which should state pickup and delivery schedule, payment details and all other necessary terms and conditions.

Insurance: All genuine moving companies offer insured moving services. Although it is little expensive but it is always advisable to opt for insured moving services. Involvement of a reputed insurance company will help you falling in the hands of a internet scam moving company.

The above steps will help you to differentiate between a genuine moving company from a moving scam company.

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